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Ways to Get involved!

FCS Donations

If you are interested in making a donation for the ongoing ministry of Faith Christian School, our mailing address is:

Faith Christian School

General Donations

233 W. Main Street 

Coleman, WI 54112



Current Needs

Gymnasium Fund - 


Fans for the Gym - 


Sound Equipment - 


Amazon Wish List

We now accept donations online!

Simply click on the Donate Now button to be re-directed to our online donation site. 

Thank you for supporting Faith Christian School!

FCS Endowment

A couple years ago, a family in the community began an Endowment fund for Faith Christian School.  The school will periodically receive checks from interest gained on the principle.  The Endowment has met financial needs and has proved to be a blessing to the school.  If you or someone that you know is in a position to give toward this fund, please contact the school office. 

FCS Scholarship Assistance

Many families want to send their children to FCS, but financially don't have the resources.  It's the desire of FCS to bridge the gap and not allow finances to the determining factor for enrollment.  The FCS Scholarship Fund allows for people in the community to help other members of the church family by giving and making enrollment possible.  If you are in a position to support the Scholarship fund, please contact the school office.  The program has helped families for many years, and Lord willing, will be a continued blessing.


Another way that you can be a part of Faith Christian School is through Volunteering.  We have multiple areas for you to use your talents.

PTO – The PTO [Parents, Teachers, and Others] volunteer organization seeks to supplement and enrich the educational experience for both students & staff.  We raise funds in a variety of ways, to be able to purchase items that benefit the students, staff and school. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please join us in the school auditorium on the first Monday of the Month at 6:30 pm. You can also sign up for our newsletter to hear how you can positively impact our school! 

For more information, email us at


Lunch – Our Lunch Program consists of 4 teams that work together on a specific Thursday each month to provide a hot meal to our Student Body and Staff. We work to provide a fun and healthy meal for your child.  Your commitment could be serving once a month on a team, or being a ‘sub’ for someone who is not able to make it. 

If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, please contact the school office at 920-897-3380, or email Julie at   


Moms in Prayer Group – This volunteer group is vital to the ministry of Faith Christian.  Moms in Prayer meet every Tuesday at 8:00 am in the school Library.  They start their time together by learning about a new characteristic of God each week and then Praise God in prayer.  Each time they meet they Pray for the students of each classroom individually.

If you are interested in being a part of this please call/text Amie Ortiz at 715-923-9758.

Concessions – Our Concessions runs during home games of the Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball Seasons.  Having a concession stand helps offset the sports fees.  We ask that if your student is in sports that you sign up a minimum of 1 spot per sport per child.  You can sign up for concessions by going to our website at and click on the concessions button. 

If you have questions or would like to know more about how you can be involved, please contact the school office at 920-897-3380 or e-mail Julie at

Library – Our Library is open daily from 10am-3:15pm. We are currently looking for people who would be willing to be substitute in the library.  Duties would include, monitoring those who are studying or taking a test, possible tutoring of younger students, reading stories, and checking in/out books. 

If interested please contact Julie at 920-897-3380 or email at


AACS American Academy of Christian Schools.  When a student places high in the state level competition (WACS) Wisconsin Academy of Christian Schools, they advance to the National Level.  This is held at Bob Jones University in South Carolina.   For several years we have had students who have competed in a variety of areas at the National Level.  FCS has a scholarship fund established to help offset fees for those students that attend the competition.   

If you would prayerfully consider donating to this fund, please contact Sue in the FCS office at 920-897-3380 or email her at

If you have a talent in the area of Painting/Art/Woodworking/Ect, and you would like to come alongside a student and help coach or mentor them in this area, we would love for you to contact us.


Quest/Lambeau Fundraiser – If your high school student is planning on going on the annual Quest trip, Volunteering at Lambeau Field is a great way to start saving and earning money toward this trip.  Check out our website at  and click the link to be directed to the Lambeau fundraiser.


Prayer Warrior – We are looking forward to a great year academically and spiritually. We ask that you partner with us by keeping our faculty, students, and families in prayer throughout this upcoming year.

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