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FCS Scholarship Assistance

Many families want to send their children to FCS, but finacially don't have the resources.  It's the desire of FCS to bridge the gap and not allow finances to the the determining factor for enrollment.  The FCS Scholarship Fund allows for people in the community to help other members of the church family by giving and making enrollment possible.  If you are in a position to support the Scholarship fund, please contact the school office.  The program has helped families for many years, and Lord willing, will be a continued blessing.

FCS Endowment Fund

A couple years ago, a family in the community began an Endowment fund for Faith Christian School.  The school will periodically receive checks from interest gained on the principle.  The Endowment has met financial needs and has proved to be a blessing to the school.  If you or someone that you know is in a position to give toward this fund, please contact the school office.   

PTO (Parents/Teachers/Others)

The PTO is a group of caring individuals that desire to be a help to FCS.  Each month this group meets in the library to discuss ways to help Faith Christian.  To help raise funds, they hold an annual auction that raises between $10,000 to $16,000 each year.  Everyone is welcome to join this group.  The Conqueror News mentions meeting times and dates.   

CONTACT the School Office:
Chris Tachick
Susan Reinhold
Development Coordinaotr:
Julie Cotner

Tel:  920-897-3380

Faith Christian School

233 W. Main St.

Coleman, WI  54112


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